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The ECORIER Difference

Lowest Pricing

89% of our customers said they choose ECORIER because of price.

Customer Satisfaction

99% of our customers satisfied with the service provided by our logistic companies.

Licensed Driver

83% of customers pleased the attitude and professional of our logistic companies.

Take Control

82% of customers said they get a service that fits both needs and budget.


Founded in 2017, ECORIER is one of the nation's innovative logistic and mover service platform, with a network of qualified 32 logistic companies. Whether you are moving within or across Klang Valley, moving to or from the other States, ECORIER can help.

As the national logistic and mover service provider platform, ECORIER sets the policies and standards for our logistic and mover companies, and are committed to ensure consistent quality service and a high degree of accountability to our customers.

We have relocated over 90+ companies and household of all size with no operational down time. Our highest priority is to make your move as painless as possible.

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Step 1
Simply fill out the form above to request free quote from our local logistic companies. Feel free to let us know all of your concerns and we will answer all of your questions.

Step 2
Our qualified logistic companies will provide you a customize quote based on your needs and budget. As a courtesy to you, your enquiry will go to other logistic companies as well in order to provide you a better price.

Step 3
On that day, you will be provided with a professionally team of moving experts by our qualified logistic companies based on the quotation you agreed. It is 100% stress-free experience.


Join our Logistic Family

Whether you are a Small or Big logistics and transportation company, we are welcome you to be part of ECORIER family.
Benefits of joining us:

  • Attract new clients and appeal to existing customers.
  • Back up of one of the market leaders - a progressive, financially solid company that invests in technology, staffing, and advertising.
  • A simple way to generate increased revenue for your business.

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